Kliklok Enterprise


Kliklok Enterprise Horizontal Endload Cartoner

The Kliklok Enterprise is a midrange endload cartoner. It features our patented rotary carton feeder with a unique servo-profiled motion. Optional article buckets and an overhead confiner make it ideal for bag-in-box applications.

Variable up to
Cartons per minute

The Kliklok Enterprise features the fastest rotary carton feeder in the industry, and can package a wide variety of foods: frozen entrees, waffles, meats, pies, cakes, etc., at speeds up to 325 cartons per minute. It is designed to accommodate an optional overhead confiner for bag-in-box applications. Its modular design allows a variety of product conveying systems, including an article bucket infeed.
The Enterprise was designed with centerlining capabilities for “set it and forget it” predictable and consistent performance. Product and equipment changeovers are faster, and both unplanned downtime and material waste are reduced.

Modular, flexible-configuration IP65 frame
Fastest rotary carton feeder available
Easy operation with Insight® touchscreen HMI
Centerline design for maximum uptime
Barrel cam inserter with gentle insertion angle

Up to 325 cartons/minute (9″ pitch), 250 with 12″ pitch, 180 with 15″ pitch
Carton Size Range
Length: 9″ pitch: 54 – 190 mm (2.13 – 7.5″)
12” pitch: 54 – 264 mm (2.13 – 10.38″)
15″ pitch: 54 – 343 mm (2.13 – 13.5″)
Width: 25 – 100 mm (1 – 3.94″)
Depth: 114 – 343 mm (4.5 – 13.5″)
Power Consumption
28 kVA
283 L/min (10 cfm) @ 5.5 bar (80 psi)
Shipping Weight Skidded
4218 kg (9300 lb)

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty, fully-welded, stainless steel, angled surface washdown frame
  • (IP-65 standards)
Ergonomic design for outstanding operator access
Modular design for easy custom configuration
  • Powered 6’ (1.83 m) carton hopper
Patented servo-driven rotary carton feeder
  • Independently-servo-driven flight chains
  • Barrel-cam product inserter with jam protection
  • Digital Proportional Glue Regulator
Corrosion-resistant nickel-plated chains
  • Insight® color touch screen icon-based operator interface
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix control system
  • Sanitary washdown wiring
  • Network connectivity and data acquisition
  • Servo-driven semi-automatic carton size adjustment
Startup delay horn
  • Light stack


Optional Features

  • Article bucket infeed conveyor
  • Overhead confiner for bag-in-box lines
Caustic washdown
  • Trailing minor flap kicker
  • Open flap reject
Carton graphic recognition system (visual)
  • Slam-shut product saving device
  • Cluster and central lubrication systems
  • Laser-cut “mesh” guarding
  • MPF food-grade servo motors
  • Product reclaim conveyor

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