Kliklok SFR


Kliklok SFR Horizontal Endload Cartoner

The Kliklok SFR is a midrange endload cartoner. It features our patented rotary carton feeder with a unique servo-profiled motion. The SFR’s small footprint makes it ideal for operations with limited space.

Variable up to
Cartons per minute

One of the main features of Kliklok’s SFR (Small Footprint Rotary) endload cartoner is its compact design, a great advantage for customers with limited floor space. Its modular design allows a variety of infeed, inserter, and auxiliary equipment options. The SFR’s stainless steel construction, high floor clearance, and inner sloping plates (which deflect product or carton waste from the working parts of the machine) make it very easy to clean.

With rated production speeds up to 150 CPM, the SFR offers high productivity in a minimum amount of floor space.

  • Small, expandable footprint occupies minimal floor space
  • Easy to use with color touchscreen HMI
  • Kliklok rotary carton feeder is the fastest in the industry
  • Modular design with infeed and product insertion options
  • Rapid changeover with clearly marked set points
  • Speed
    Up to 150 cartons/minute (12″ pitch)
    Carton Size Range
    Length: 50 – 260 mm (2.00 – 10.25″)
    Width: 25 – 100 mm (1.00 – 3.93″)
    Depth: 110 – 335 mm (4.33 – 13.18″)
    Power Consumption
    28 kVA
    520 L/min (18 cfm) @ 6.2 bar (90 psi)
    Shipping Weight
    3250 kg (7165 lb)

    Standard Features

    • Heavy-duty, fully-welded, angled surface stainless steel washdown frame
    • IP65 rated
    • Patented three-arm rotary carton feeder
    • Barrel-cam product inserter with flighted infeed conveyor
    • Allen-Bradley PanelView HMI
    • Allen-Bradley PLC controls
    • Quick-release feeder arms
    • Powered carton hopper
    • Digital settings displays
    • Electronic carton control
    • Total machine accessibility
    • Hot-melt glue system
    • Easy size change
    • CE compliant

    Optional Features

    • Opposite hand version
    • Centralized lubrication systems
    • Alternative closing means
    • Open flap detect/reject system
    • Portability kit with casters
    • Narrow-profile inserter with open-flight conveyor
    • Narrow-profile inserter with SmartBelt infeed
      Integrated right angle transfer infeed (9” or 15”)
    • Bosch HMI 4.0
    • Overhead product confiner

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